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Whittler's Hollow is a unique selection of hand carved items from the studio of
T. Nelson Robertson Jr. 
Each sculpture is a
one of a kind representation of the artist's vision. 

Welcome to the World of Whittler's Hollow Holiday Visitors

Whittler's Hollow Creations is a unique selection of hand-carved collectibles from the studio of T. Nelson Robertson Jr. Each sculpture is a one of a kind representation of the artist's vision. The "Holiday Visitors" series is a treasury of carvings crafted from native woods. The collection includes the artist's renditions of Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and other holiday visitors from around the world.


Each Piece is Unique!

Each piece is hand carved, hand painted, and numbered by the artist. The individuality of each figure is a combination of the artist's vision and the unique shape of each piece of wood. T. Nelson uses a single piece of cypress called a "knee" for each figure. The cypress knees grow from the root system of the cypress tree and are gathered during specific times of the year.  


How Each Holiday Visitor is Created:

The amount of detail dictates the length of time it takes to complete a figure varying from hours, for a small carving , to days for the more elaborate pieces. After the carving process is completed, the artist's wife, Diane, begins hand painting each piece.  Paints are individually blended and applied in a unique sequence. Each color is added separately and must dry before the next layer is added. The colors are built up to achieve the desired tint. This process allows the beauty of the wood to show through. The figure is then sealed with natural wax and hand rubbed for additional protection. To maintain its beauty a carving should be polished occasionally with a soft cloth. It takes an average of eight hours to complete a small carving but the joy is complete when the "Holiday Visitor" appears, ready to delight the collector for years to come.

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